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Hair growing pills

There you are in the shower staring at your assortment of conditioners. Their beautiful colors and confident bold fonts call out to you, saying “Guaranteed hair growth”, “lustrous shine”, “volumizing action”. They are your arsenal, your defense for hair growth. But they haven’t been growing much of anything, other than your collection of fancy-looking conditioners. In a combination of desperation and habit you continue on and hope for the best, knowing the end result will inevitably leave you frustrated and pulling at your once shiny mane. You have tried all the tips and tricks your friends swear by, bought all of the products your hairdresser has sold you and still nothing works for your hairstyle. Keratin and Biotin supplements sit in your medicine cabinet along with your Vitamin C and B3’s. Lots of supplements to keep track of, along with the other million things you are responsible for. Many hair growth supplements can be costly and may not help to retain your hairline. It’s because most hair pills claim to be naturally sourced, but really they are extracts or depleted nutrients, leaving your hair worse off than ever before. Fillers and inactive ingredients can actually be detrimental to your scalp and prevent nutrients from being absorbed by your hair follicles. You might just give up hope in discovering a reliable way to grow your hair naturally and with great results. There is a better, naturally sourced way to help your hair look thicker and fuller in less time than it takes other supplements to show a lack of progress.

Grow Your Hair Naturally

Viviscal is the #1 selling naturally sourced supplement in North America. Hair loss will affect you at some point in your life and it’s caused by a number of factors, including age, stress, pregnancy, overstyling, poor diet, even taking birth control can affect the health and shine of your hair. Promoting healthy hair begins at the roots. If your diet does not contain enough vitamins, minerals and protein, then you risk damaging your hair and weakening its strength. Read more

Get Thicker, Fuller Hair Guaranteed

Celebrities Who Endorse Viviscal

It’s important to ensure your follicles and scalp are nourished to maintain the ideal environment for stronger, healthier looking hair. Our Viviscal supplement helps support healthy hair and leaves it looking naturally thicker and fuller. Take it from the celebrities who use Viviscal’s hair nourishing supplement. They have proven its success as hair growth pills that work with any style. Miley Cyrus has a passion for standing out, living in the moment and loving who she is. She sat down with Kelly Osbourne during an interview on E!’s Fashion Police and discussed her short hair and raved about how she secretly wants her long hair back. She mentions using Viviscal to nourish and promote the look of healthy hair. “I’m secretly tugging on it every night and taking Viviscal, I’m not going to lie. But I’m going to rock it while I have it.” In order to get the results you deserve, you need the right supplements to nourish your hair.

Style Changes and Chemicals Damage your Hair

Reese Witherspoon understands the toll all of her roles have taken on her hair. Repeated style changes, blow-drying, and chemical treatments can severely damage your roots leaving you more susceptible to breakage and hair loss. In an interview with InStyle, she revealed how she combats hair damage. "When I am working on a movie, they blow-dry and curl my hair quite a bit. I take these supplements [Viviscal] to keep it healthy." She has trusted us to preserve her hair’s health and shine, no matter what Hollywood throws her way. Miranda Lambert can relate. When dealing with the issue of over-styled hair. The country superstar is always on the road and in the spotlight. Damage due to the stress of work leaves her hair exhausted. She has said she turns to Viviscal as her number-one hair growth pill. In Us Weekly she was quoted as saying, “Because my hair gets styled so often, I need to protect it. Viviscal vitamins help.” Gwyneth Paltrow has some of the healthiest looking, shimmering hair in hollywood. Her ultimate secret? Viviscal. She has told Glamour magazine about her love of our supplement. After a Brazilian Keratin mishap, she turned to Viviscal to bring her naturally looking healthy hair back to life. Viviscal provided her with daily hair growth supplements to keep her follicles looking healthy and bring back the long sought-after, shimmering look.

Secret to Our Revolutionary Supplements

Is it magic that brings the look and feel of thicker, fuller hair to life? Not exactly, even though it may feel like it. The secret to Viviscal Maximum Strength supplement is to use only the leading vitamins and minerals that will be absolutely beneficial to your hair. It’s also 100% drug free. AminoMar C™, the key to our hair nourishment system, is a combination of marine protein molecules and a blend of Horsetail (Stem) Extract and naturally occurring Silica. Vitamin C is added to help you produce collagen, which is a key component of your hair, skin and nails. Vitamin C also helps protect against damage that free radicals can cause to body tissues. Free radicals can damage hair, making it brittle and weak. Dry and splitting hair due to a Vitamin C deficiency may lead to hair loss or excessive hair shedding. This shedding also may be due to a lack of antioxidants in our body. That is why Viviscal supplements provide nutrients to enrich the hair follicles, and help it look thicker and full of life instead of dry and split. Biotin (Vitamin B7) helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and thus essential in the formation of the hair structure.

The Truth Is in the Science

Twenty-five years of research and five clinical studies have brought the world the most trusted hair growth supplements, providing natural and clean nutrients your hair actually needs with no fillers and chemicals. It’s clear to see why celebrities find joy and a regained feeling of confidence when using Viviscal supplements. Bring the healthy look and feel back to your hair, invest in the only supplement that continuously nurtures your hair. Viviscal, the #1 naturally sourced hair care product in North America. Let the experts in hair care technology help you get the look of full, luxurious hair back into your life.

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