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Zoomer 2014 April
Zoomer Magazine Features Viviscal As The Solution to Thinning Hair
April 2, 2014
Viviscal® was featured in the April issue of Zoomer Magazine in an article titled "Through Thick & Thin," where author Maria-Elena John writes about her journey in finding a solution to thinning hair. The author was impressed by the "unique way Viviscal has penetrated the North American market - through an almost underground word-of-mouth hair-and-fashion world cult following."
Viviscal also impressed Maria-Elena John on a personal level, when she started to receive compliments on her hair after taking Viviscal, "Two months into taking Viviscal, my daughter Elyse tells me, 'Your hair is resurrected.' She's right - it's fuller, shinier. My sister-in-law Sonya says, 'Whatever you're using, I want it'...So, it works."
Viviscal Featured as a "Miracle Hair Product" on The Marilyn Denis Show
September 10, 2013
Renowned beauty expert Jill Dunn recommended Viviscal as healing hair remedy on The Marilyn Denis Show, saying "You're going to be trying to grow the hair from the inside out if you have a lot of thinning...I like Viviscal and this is the one that a lot of celebrities use...It just promotes hair growth. The results are scientifically proven." Marilyn then wrapped up the segment by calling Viviscal a "miracle hair product."  

Viviscal features in the February 2012 Issue of Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitan features Viviscal as the supplement to get longer, lusher hair
February 01, 2012
In Cosmopolitan’s February 2012 feature, “Get Longer, Lusher Hair," highly respected dermatologist and medical journalist, Dr. Doris Day, praises how Viviscal can help promote healthy hair: “If a diet is to blame, a healthy hair diet can help (beans, for instance, are high in hair-fortifying zinc; salmon is rich in strand-sprouting omega-3s) as can supplements like Viviscal.”