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Vitamins for Thicker Looking Hair? It’s Viviscal

Vitamins for thicker hair

Being healthy is a lifestyle. It takes dedication and changes in nutritional habits to really start seeing a difference in your life. When we commit to these types of changes, we are often inspired to do even more: such as eating well, taking vitamins and keeping stress under control. These behaviors help prolong this positive, healthy feeling. However, sometimes that motivation and inspiration ceases, and then so does the growth of your hair. Growth and abundance of thicker, fuller hair can sometimes only be accomplished by taking vitamins made specifically for your hair. Because just eating nutritional foods is not enough.

Healthy Diet Doesn’t Mean Healthy Hair

It can be disheartening to realize that even though you are living a healthy lifestyle, you still have problems with your thinning hair. This can be due to the mechanics of hair itself, specifically the follicle. The hair follicle is deep within the scalp - in the dermal papilla layer - and hair grows out of the follicle. Follicles are ‘fed’ with nutrients from the bloodstream, helping it grow healthy hair. If you do not get enough nutrients in your diet, your hair can be one of the first body parts affected because it is considered a nonessential organ. This is why vitamins promoting healthy hair growth are important to the quality and integrity of your scalp, and key to healthy hair growth. But not all vitamins are created equal.

Get Thicker, Fuller Hair Guaranteed

Vitamins for Healthy Scalp & Hair

It’s important to ensure your follicles and scalp are nourished to maintain the ideal environment for stronger, healthier looking hair. Problems leading to hair loss can arise when your hair does not have enough access to nutrients. Protecting your hair starts with taking the proper vitamins to help nourish your scalp. Viviscal Maximum Strength contains the revolutionary AminoMar C™, the key to our hair nourishment system, is a combination of marine protein molecules combined with a blend of Horsetail (Stem) extract and naturally occurring Silica. Vitamin C is added to Viviscal to help promote the production of collagen, which is a combination of several key amino acids. The key amino acids in collagen help keep the structural integrity and thickness of your hair intact, while providing proper blood flow to your hair follicles. Hair strands are made up of 95% keratin. Keratin is lost when hair is damaged physically or chemically due to different environmental factors. The loss of keratin makes strands susceptible to further damage, decreasing its ability to protect the external layer of hair.

The Viviscal Difference in Healthier Looking Hair

Viviscal provides your scalp with all of the proper nutrients it needs to help bring the look and feel of thicker, fuller hair back into your life. You already have enough to worry about when it comes to your overall health, so let Viviscal start working for you. Start seeing changes in 90 days, guaranteed. With over four million units of Viviscal supplements sold globally since our launch, it's no wonder why the growing consensus of happy customers keeps...well, growing. Try Viviscal today and give your hair what it really needs: strength.

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