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Pereira, J.M., 1997. Treatment of Adrogenetic Alopecia* with a marine-based (Viviscal) Extract of proteins and polysaccharides. 53(3):1-5. Revista Brasileira de Medicina.
Majas, M. & Puuste, O., 1996. Treatment of Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis with oral Viviscal for 12 months. Swedish Alopecia Society.
A comparative study of a new food Supplement, Viviscal, with fish extract for the treatment of Hereditary Androgenic Alopecia in young males. By Lassus & E.Eskelinen. Department for Dermatological Research, ARS-Medicina, Helsinki, Finland.

75.3% of patients observed a significant decrease in hair loss & 14.6% of patients showed partial regrowth.

Results suggest use of marine-based polysaccharides is beneficial for treatment for Androgenetic alopecia in order to reach stabilize hair loss. Also, the earlier Androgenetic alocpecia is treated the greater the likelihood of positive results.

After six months of treatment 92% of areata group showed regrowth of permanent hair. After four months of treatment 83.3% of totalis group showed regrowth of permanent hair and 31.8% of universalis group showed regrowth of permanent hair after five months. Complete cure was observed in 14% of areata, 25% of totalis and 5% of universalis. Conducted over one year.

Long-term use of Viviscal effectively induces regrowth of hair in patients with alopecia areata and alopecia totalis. Oral use of the treatment for 8-12 months is recommended.

100% of treated subjects reported that hair loss had stopped after 2 months of treatment. Mean increase in non-vellus hair of 38% was recorded in patients after 6 months treatment. 95% of subjects showed both clinical and histological cure.